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The best of higher education meets the best of modern technology. A Make School education is engaging, affordable, and future proof.
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The college we wished existed

We founded Make School because we don’t feel students should have to choose between earning their degree and getting a modern, affordable education. We’re building Make School for our younger selves. Students from all walks of life who love to learn by doing, not by sitting in lecture. Students who want to learn by solving real world problems and building real world products, not just studying theory. Students who want to build deep relationships with their faculty and seek personal growth. Today, with 200 students enrolled and hundreds of alumni working across top companies, we’re proud that Make School is recognized across the tech industry and academia as a leading innovator in Computer Science education.

Our mission is to create avenues of upward mobility for students of all backgrounds, empowering them to contribute to society through science and technology innovation.

We are a non-profit college focused on creating upward mobility

A Make School degree will prepare you for 6-figure jobs at fast growing tech companies in half the time and half the cost of a traditional university. You'll get the academic rigor and depth of a university degree combined with the industry relevance of a bootcamp.

  • Our bachelor’s degree takes half the time.
    Students graduate in just 2-2.5 years and can study on-campus or online. You'll be able to get a job and start earning sooner.
  • We teach modern technologies through real-world projects.
    Our courses feature group projects and collaboration with industry. Our degree offers a strong foundation in Computer Science theory and the Liberal Arts.
  • Our graduates earn an average of $110k/yr in their first job.
    Graduates who earn below $60k/yr get their loan payback subsidized by our EIBR protection plan. We are committed to student success and don't believe students should bear the full burden of student debt unless they have a great job.
Traditional University
Coding bootcamp
Degree offered
Time to complete4-5 years
2-2.5 years
6-12 months
On-campus or onlineOn-campus
Project-based courses
Computer science theory
Industry collaborationVaries
Unemployment protection
EIBR protection
Average grad salary~$80k/yr

students enrolled

average age of students

students of color

out of state students

alumni in industry

average grad salary

employer partners

Our employer partnerships ensure that you'll graduate job ready

Over the past few years, top tech employers have begun working with Make School as closely as they do with schools like Stanford, MIT, and Berkeley. They view Make School as a key pipeline to recruit talent from backgrounds underrepresented in technology. Tech companies provide mentors, teach workshops, vet curriculum, and look to hire Make School grads.

Google CSSI

Make School partners with Google on a Computer Science Summer Institute, a 4-week college prep program for students from underrepresented backgrounds.

Shopify Dev Degree

Make School partners with Shopify on the Dev Degree program, where Shopify pays tuition for students to attend Make School while working at Shopify.

Microsoft Industry Collaboration

Microsoft sponsors an industry collaboration project where students learn to build projects alongside Microsoft engineers.

Yelp Summer Challenge

Yelp participates in Make School's Summer Challenge, where first year students build projects alongside Yelp engineers.

Bloomberg Curriculum Advising

Bloomberg sits on our curriculum advisory committee, helping direct and shape the future of Make School's curriculum.

Strava Interview Prep

Strava recruiters and engineers provide resume feedback and interview coaching for students applying for jobs.

"Make School grads bring a powerful combination of both tech skills and soft skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. We believe the future is here."

  • Spotify

    University Recruiting

  • "Make School students are actually hands-on working on computer science projects both in class as well as outside of class. So it prepares them really well for industry jobs."

  • Lyft

    University Recruiting

  • Our students come from all walks of life yet share a common goal

    At Make School, students take agency over their education. Our students are ambitious, they learn by building real world products that solve problems facing their communities. They take an active role in making the school better around them. Our students have built a culture of collaboration, not competition, and find joy in supporting their peers in academic and personal development.

    "This year has been rough for all of us, and it made our college journey bumpier as well⁠. Make School is a super supportive community. We are all passionate about computer science and happy to help each other succeed.⁠"

  • Yin Chang

    Junior at Make School

  • "Having bounced around in 3 different countries, and 4 different schools, I never felt the sense of belonging to a school community - that was, until I joined Make School this past August."

  • Salomon Cohen

    Junior at Make School

  • Our faculty and staff have worked at leading universities and tech companies

    Our faculty brings together expertise from leading institutions in higher ed and tech like MIT and Google. We came together to help fix the challenges facing higher education. We listen to our students, your ideas are key to building the college of the future. We are aiming to build our college in a transparent way - akin to an open source software project. We publish our Institutional Plan openly on Github - including areas we need to improve on - and welcome student feedback in all forms.

  • Dr. Michelle Lessly Blackburn
    Dr. Michelle Lessly Blackburn
    Dir. Student Affairs
    Former MIT Student Affairs
  • Adriana Gonzalez
    Adriana Gonzalez
    Former startup CTO
  • Dr. Anne Spalding
    Dr. Anne Spalding
    Dean of Engineering
    Former Uber and DevBootcamp
  • Meredith Teo
    Meredith Teo
    Former engineer at Google
  • Dani Roxberry
    Dani Roxberry
    Formerly worked with IMAX and the NFL
  • Dan Morse
    Dan Morse
    Instructor Manager
    Former Venture Capitalist and Startup Founder

  • The Make School story is part of a larger movement

    Our mission at Make School is to create avenues of upward mobility for students of all backgrounds, empowering them to contribute to society through science and technology innovation. The past year - a year we will remember for decades to come - put this mission into even greater focus. We witnessed the Black Lives Matter uprising and watched the world take notice of pressing racial inequities. While positive steps were made at the cultural and policy level, the playing field is far from level. In 2020 we saw the tech economy grow rapidly in contrast to the rest of the world. The inequities between those with access to tech jobs and wealth creation and those without are accelerating. In 2021 we will face global inequities between countries with vaccine access and those without. Today's college students are graduating into a world of challenges - between COVID, racial and economic inequity, and climate change. These challenges also present great opportunity for you - today's youth - to rewrite the rules for the future. It is up to you to use technology as a force for good to help tackle these challenges. To question what the world is and how the world should be. To encode equity and ethics into the systems, software, and data that increasingly governs our lives. Our community at Make School gives us hope for the future. Within our doors we have one of the most diverse collective of technologists that exists in the world. Our students are far more aware of global issues and human issues than we were at their age. And as our students master the technologies being used to build the world of the future, they are demonstrating that they wield real power to build a brighter future. It is comforting to know we are not alone in our mission. Make School is but one of a growing number of organizations building towards a vision of a more equitable and ethical future. We are proud to be working alongside our students towards a collective vision for the world, and we hope you join us.

    Apply to our Bachelor’s program for fall 2021
    Applying is free and takes just 1 hour. You’ll hear back in 2 weeks.
    Apply Now
    Try a Make School course for free online.
    Explore Computer Science through our free online courses
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    The Bachelor in Applied Computer Science program is offered by the Dominican University of California through an incubation partnership with MakeSchool.org.

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