On-Campus vs Online Enrollment

How does this all work?

The short answer: just like the real world. Industry norms have shifted significantly and remote work is already a significant part of modern tech lifewhether you yourself are working remotely or you have a colleague who is. By giving our students the ability to decide where they want to experience Make School, we are evolving with the modern workplace.

Our On-Campus and Online programs both run in a synchronous format with courses and activities scheduled from 9:30 to 5:30 PST, Monday through Friday.

On-Campus students will attend in person at our San Francisco campus location in downtown San Francisco, while Online students can join us from anywhere in the world.

Choose the enrollment option that is best for you

Whether you opt to attend Make School as an On-Campus or Online student, the core experience remains the same. Plus, you have the flexibility to switch between On-Campus and Online enrollment each semester.

All our students will be held to the same standard. There will be only one application and admissions process. You will choose either On-Campus or Online enrollment after being admitted.

Get the Make School experience anywhere in the world

The project-based, active-learning course style consists of five major components; lectures, guided work time, group work and frequent feedback on your work and learning process.

How it’s the same:

Lectures will be recorded and delivered online for both On-Campus and Online students.

How it’s different:

Some lectures may be recorded from a classroom in San Francisco, and On-Campus students may have the option to attend in person. They also have the flexibility to watch lectures alongside classmates on-campus or from their home.

How it’s the same:

All students will have lab time to get support from senior student TAs, professional TAs, and class instructors.

How it’s different:

On-Campus students will be able to access support both on-campus and online. Online students will have online guided support through scheduled virtual meetings with TAs, one-on-one office hours, and online forums. For group projects, Online students will often be teamed together, and On-Campus students will be teamed together. However, there may be instances where hybrid groups are formed.

How it’s the same:

All students will have access to our dedicated outcomes staff for advice, and all events with industry guest speakers will be streamed so that On-Campus and Online students can attend and ask questions. Our Career Fairs take place in the form of Demo Nights, which will have two versions: one online, and one on-campus.

How it’s different:

Online students are welcome to come to San Francisco to participate in the on-campus Demo Night if they prefer. Dates will be announced in advance.

How it’s the same:

All students will have access to events, student-run clubs, co-working sessions, dedicated support from our student experience team, coaching, and our mentorship program.

How it’s different:

On-Campus students will have the option to attend on-campus or online.

Still unsure which enrollment type is right for you?

Want to talk to someone about your enrollment options? Book a 1:1 session with an Admissions Counselor here.

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